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Quickly and easily publish your ads, we support you and train you to use your recruiting space, rich with innovative and revolutionary features.

With an audience of more than 40 000 visitors per day, your ad will have the best visibility.

This will allow you to quickly get qualified candidates for an effective recruitment.


Posting an ad has never been easier. Posting an ad has never been easier In addition to the speed at which your ad is published, take advantage of bilateral matching tool. Through advanced technology, matching allows both candidates and recruiters to have a very precise idea of how well the profile matches the ads. In addition, complete your search for candidates through intelligent EP scan which offers you analysed resumes that match with your search criteria of our profil-thèque.

Smart Job

In addition to the options offered in the easy job ad, maximize your chance to find suitable candidates faster and take advantage of our scoring tool that allows you to displayapplications by relevance. As a real booster to your recrutement process, the scoring tool offers you the possibility to modify the search criteria for a greater flexibility in the search for your candidates.

JOB Timizer

Optimize the use of our system and resources for optimum results in no time. Save time by prioritizing qualified candidates. In addition to the smart job options, you can filter candidates through our online pre-selection questionnaire and focus on the best profiles : your talent nest.

Visio Job

Digitize your recruitments ! The preselection of your candidates has never been so innovative ! In addition to the scoring tool and the EP scan, our live or deferred video maintenance solution, allows you to analyze, compare in a collaborative way with your team and select the best candidates. Through a questionnaire that you submit to the candidate of your choice, the later will launch a video recording to answer your questions. The interview will be recorded so you can share it with your team for strong decision-making.


Does your company have the “Company Cool Factor”  ? A better way to attract & filter Talents while you stand out from the competition. Your company becomes " the Best Place to Work " . Take advantage of all the features of the easy job as well as an HR career site to strengthen your Employer Brand and expand your reach.


Optimize your search and your time and take advantage of the best CV database in Algeria, thanks to data mining (analytical) algorithms and an « exceptionally » accurate and efficient search engine, access to a highly qualified and diversified CV bank .

Offre Premium/VIP

Take advantage of our best space to promote your ad, no longer display as before, stand out and benefit from our HR banner. Your ad becomes attractive, so you can stimulate the interest of the most relevant candidates. In addition, you can benefit from our features including the scoring tool, the bilateral matching and the EP scan.

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Emploi Partner est un partenaire fiable de par sa qualité de service. J'apprécie la réactivité dont l'équipe fait preuve à chacune de nos requetes

temoignage Brandt BENKHELIL WARDA
Responsable Développement Ressources Humaines Brandt

EP Accompaniment

Outsource your recruitment process and optimize your talent acquisition strategy…
We systematically assign a team of two consultants to your needs and we work on unit and volumetric recruitments.

Sorting CVs

When you do not have time to sort your resumes, we take it for you. Our recruitment officers study your job list, collect your CVs and organize your database according to your search criteria.

Telephone pre-qualification

In addition to the sorting stage, our recruitment consultants contact candidates for you and validate the required criteria with them. Language, vehicle or interest for the position…, we validate each criterion to offer you a list of candidates of quality.

Pre-selection of candidates

Through this support, we guarantee you the best candidates who have responded to your ad but also those of our database who perfectly match with the requirements plotted on the position card, we take care to find the candidate for you so that you can think of one thing only ! His / Her recruitment..

Je tiens à vous exprimer à mon nom et a celui de tous nos collaborateurs de Global Motors Industries, nos très vifs remerciements pour le professionnalisme dont l'équipe EP fait preuve surtout en matière de support au recrutement, aussi pour votre disponibilité et réactivité qui sont des atouts que nous avons grandement appréciés. Sachez que je continuerai avec un très grand plaisir à faire appel à vos compétences. J'espère que de votre côté, vous avez également apprécié cette collaboration.

Responsable Ressources Humaines, GLOBAL MOTORS INDUSTRIES

EP Cabinet

We offer flexible and personalized support to meet your needs. Thus, we intervene throughout the entire recruitment process.


Our expert team in headhunting, offers you a rigorous methodology for the diagnosis and the audit of your need as well as an accompaniment during the decision making, we take care to find you the ideal profile, to allow you to concentrate on Your core business. Our team of headhunters will make every effort to find you the ideal profile for your company, through a direct and personalized approach by company, we guarantee a recruitment and a follow-up post recruitment faultless. Nothing will be left to chance. CV, report, psychotechnical test, reference check… everything is set up to enable you to recruit without stress and as soon as possible.

Reference Check

Collect 360 ° and structured feedback from previous employers and colleagues of your future collaborators who have not dreamed of it ! The reference control is an essential step in an effective recruitment strategy. As a neutral third party, Emploi Partner offers you an optimal service, our only objective is to provide you with high quality detailed information that will allow you to recruit in complete safety.

On tient à remercier toute l'équipe Emploi Partner pour leur professionnalisme et leur réactivité dans le traitement nos offres d'emplois. Nous sommes sincèrement admiratifs  de la manière avec laquelle vous avez su maîtriser votre intervention et faire face aux difficultés. Sachez qu'en continuera, avec un très grand plaisir, à faire appel à vos compétences.

temoignage OPPO ALGÉRIE BENSENIA Nacera Nadia
Responsable Recrutement, OPPO ALGÉRIE

EP Com

Put in place a real marketing strategy thanks to our various advertising spaces that allow you an optimal visibility as well as a strong reputation.

Horizontal banner

Enjoy a large display of your information, offer yourself one of the most visible spaces of our site to communicate. Design and captivating, the horizontal banner is the best choice for your communications.

Pub Pavé

With more than 35,000 visitors per day and a strategic positioning, paver display is a very effective way to communicate on your business.

J'ai fait appel à vous à plusieurs reprises. Je profite de cette occasion, j'ai été très agréablement surprise par la très grande qualité de vos services. En effet, la bonne communication avec vos interlocuteurs la bonne prise en charge de mes demandes et les bons résultats. Et ce n'est là que quelques exemples parmi d'autres de ce que j'ai apprécié dans votre prestation.

Mme SILARBI Wassila
Managing Director Assistant, SMART PACK MANIPULATION

EP Test

Take advantage of the expertise of the European leader in psychotechnical testing, and evaluate your skills for better decision-making, with ten ranges of tests and more than 250 business tests, Emploi Partner has allied itself with the best of its field by becoming the Exclusive partner of the PerformanSe tests in Algeria.

Psychotechnical test

A wide range of tests is available to you, personality and behavior, agility and aptitudes, knowledge and know-how but also collective performance, simulation and situation…, a multitude of tests is proposed by our partner to allow you A fast and secure decision-making.

Business Test

In addition to psychotechnical tests, we offer more than 250 business tests so that you can evaluate your candidates on a given function, so you will be able to evaluate a computer scientist on the Java language, an accountant on standards, a sales representative on sales techniques… and thereby, allow you a faster decision about recruiting candidates.

Je souhaite vous faire part de mon niveau de satisfaction de vos prestations. j'ai pu recruter plusieurs profils à travers vos annonces, Merci à toute l'équipe Emploi Partner pour votre réactivité, votre disponibilité et votre suivi

temoignage PROCHEESE Mahdi TOUILEB
General Manager, PROCHEESE

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L'équipe Emploi Partner est une équipe dynamique qui a démontré son professionnelle à travers son souci du détail et son dévouement pour la bonne exécution des services requis. Reste toujours à l'écoute et sait exactement répondre à nos besoins.

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Mme Fatma Neggazi
Managing Director Assistant, UNDP