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The Use of this website's content

Emploipartner enables you to check and download one copy of elements online, for private use only.

The content under the control of such as graphics, texts, images, logos, icons, software along with the other elements of the content, is protected by intellectual rights property, in virtue of Algerian and foreign rights, such as trademark and copyrights.

The whole content belongs to, to its content providers and to its customers. The compilation (collection, assembling and arrangement) of the whole content is the property of, and protected by copyrights laws.

A non authorized use of the content may lead to copyrights violation, trademark rights and other rights. You have to keep every mention of copyrights, trademarks, and all kinds of property rights that appear on the content of the original website, and on every copy you make from the content. It is strictly forbidden to modify, sell, copy, post, offer to public, distribute or use the content differently for public or commercial purpose. The use of the content for whatever purpose is, and on any other website or computing environment, is definitely forbidden.

You are not allowed to copy, or adjust the code HTML that creates to generate the content of the website This code is being protected by the intellectual property rights, detained by EURL Emploipartner.


The use of this website's database

Emploipartner forbids:

  • The extraction by permanent or temporary transfer of the whole database content accessible on the website, to another media, by any means and in any form whatsoever.
  • The reuse of the whole database content qualitatively or quantitatively, by making it available to public, regardless its shape.
  • Extraction or repeated or systematic reuse of qualitatively or quantitatively non-substantial databases accessible on the website when these operations clearly exceed normal conditions of use of these databases.

User name and password

  You are responsible for the privacy of your username and password. You will be responsible for any use of your personal information whether or not authorized by you. You immediately accept to give notice to about any non-authorized use of your user name or password. In other words, you give a complaining notification on copyrights or forgery breach.

  If you think that your works that are protected by trademark or copyright had been downloaded and published from our website, such that is an offence to your rights, please leave a message on 

  Rules related to unsubscribing users and account holders who constantly violate copyrights, or others' intellectual property. does respect the intellectual property of the others. We beg all members as well as partners to do so. Copying, distributing, editing, representation, or displaying protected works by copyright, is a violation to copyright owner. You agree that you would never breach intellectual copyrights of the others any way whatsoever. We shall remove and block access to whoever violates intellectual property or copyrights of the others repeatedly. We retain the right to undertake these actions at any moment, with or without further notice toward account holders or users whose access to their accounts has been blocked.'s responsabilities

   The website is a place of exchange that allows employers to display their offers, and to the candidates leave their CV, and there is no censorship made to the offers. does not hold control on security, quality of displayed CV or employment, the truthfulness of the topic, the ability of employers to offer employments to the candidates, and the ability of these ones to fill the available positions.

   Moreover, make sure that there are risks of injury, dealing with anonymous, minors and people using fake identity. You bear all risks that come out of dealing with users throughout Due to difficulties of authentication on the internet, cannot guarantee that each user is the one who claims to be. To the extent we are not in exchange between users, or control the behavior of members of this website, or assuming you had a dispute with one or many users of this website, we decline any responsibility, claim, request of damages and interests, known or unknown, disclosed or not, predictable or not, which may be connected with any way to such disputes. We don't feel any legal obligation to control information the users provide on; at least, we don't do that usually.

   By their very nature, information from the others may be offensive, harmful, and inaccurate, and in some cases, they are labeled false or misleading. We expect you to be cautious when using And since the content may have inaccuracies and errors, modifications occur from time to time and can interfere at any moment. Thus, you are still responsible for the use of this website.


Warranty limitations

   Emploipartner does not guarantee that its website or its servers are safe and that there is no harmful system in it. You are the only responsible for the use of your computer hardware, and in case the use of leads to repairing the equipment or data replacement, won't be responsible for the charges. and its content are not provided with any warranty subject to legal provisions. It doesn't guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness, timeliness of documents, site content, services, software, text, graphics, and links provided on the website.


Links towards other websites

   There are links to other websites on These links are only provided for the sake of convenience, and Emploipartner does not secure other websites content. is not responsible for the content of other websites to be linked, and makes not guarantee regarding the content or accuracy of elements within.



  In case you have broken all terms of using, and In case this website is unable to verify or authenticate any information you put while registering, has the right at its own discretion to pursue all means of redress afforded by the law, including without limitations, deleting all your displays on our site as well as cancelling all your subscriptions or access to, or any service provided to you by this one.


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